No , first time and last time ! this place is over priced and no soup or salad included . Will not be back
Not happy
We've been here several times and the food is always good. Tonight was no exception. However the service was terrible. And the red wine served had obviously been sitting for a few days and turned bad. The smell and taste were awful. When I asked for a fresh bottle to be opened I was told they didn't have any more. Upon selecting another wine I was told it had been sitting for several days and that if I wanted a fresh bottle I would have to buy a whole bottle and take it home. All of this told to me by a very rude server who proceeded to behave in a very angry manner the rest of the evening. Not sure we will be back. They obviously did not want us there tonight.
New to Area
We went for lunch today, 7/5/19. The hostess as well as the waitress were so unfriendly. The "how are you today?" By staff appeared to be forced at best. My husband ordered the hibachi lunch chicken and shrimp while I ordered hibachi shrimp. The dish is supposed to come with vegetables it they were negligible on both our plates. Perhaps a 1/4 cup each plate and that's being generous. All was supposed to be cooked on a hibachi of it tasted like it, especially the chicken and veggies. When we were done with the soup the bowls stayed on table about 5 minutes or more. Now mind you there were 3 or 4 waitresses that walked by, looked at our table and kept walking instead of picking up our used plates. Never asked us if we wanted refills on our $2.50 small glass of iced tea. Over priced and underwhelming meal! We will NEVER go back!! Fancy Qs in Apopka is much, MUCH BETTER!! worth driving over its that good!
anamasi26 klokily

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