This Has always been one of our favorite restaurants. Food is amazing! We get carry out once a week. However last night we received the worst service! Wouldn’t take drink order or refill drinks unless asked. Server was rude and unfriendly. Actually Every employee we dealt with was rude and unfriendly! Service is never great but last night was unacceptable!
Service was horrible. Waitress was rude, never smiled, never asked for refills or if we wanted anything else to eat. Not one of the wait staff smiled either. The only time there was any response was when I paid the bill. And I still gave a good tip because food was excellent. It’s so sad because we were there to celebrate Mother’s Day. My husband and I go there all the time but this is the second time I’ve had bad service.
5 star
Great food and plenty of sushi options. Very good service too.

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