• Shirayuki Fresh Nama White Snow “Draft” SMV +2 Hyogo 300ml

    • 29.00

     A unique, unpasteurized and highly perishable fresh draft sake, Easy-to-drink flavor with a light and fresh aroma

  • Sho Chiku Bai Nigori Silky Mild 375ml

    • 14.00

    Bold and sweet rich and robust flavor, soft and mild texture. Pairs well with well-seasoned dishes, also great as a dessert drink

  • Aladdin Homare Yuzu Fukushima 300ml

    • 21.00

    Has the flavor and acidity of a fresh yuzu fruit. Smooth and sweet, suitable for drinking on the rock.

  • Takara “Jun” Grin Shochu 750ml

    • 45.00

    Jun is the finest qualify Korui Shochu. It has a light and pure taste, which is milder and more complex than vodka. This smooth elegance makes it superior on the rocks and as a base for cocktails

  • Jizake Tenzan Junmai Genshu Jizake of Mt. Tenzan SMV +3 Saga 300ml

    • 43.00

    Jizake Tenzan is made from highly refined Saikai NO. 134 rice that undergoes exireme scrutiny for sake brewing suitability. It is enjoyed chilled or on the rocks

  • Aladdin Homare Nigori SMV-20.5 Fukushima 300ml

    • 21.00

    Aroma seems like pear and banana. fresh and milky but sharp for after taste

  • Mio Sparkling Sake SMV-6.5 Kobe 300ml

    • 22.00

    Refreshing, fruity and unique aroma. Crafted in the traditional brewing style, with rice, water and Koji, Mio appeals to a wide range of taste as a new sake for a new age

  • Yokaichi Mugi Barley (Mugi) Shochu 750ml

    • 48.00

     Yokaichi Mugi is the finest Mugi Shochu. It is made from superior barley and combines age old craftsmanship with modern technology. Enjoy the clean crisp taste and pleasant aroma on the rocks or straight up

  • Shirakawago Sasanigori SMV +2 Gifu 300ml

    • 24.00

    Shirakawago is a superb unfiltered sake made from Hidahomare rice. Blended with Moromi (Sake-mash), its mellow flavor and wealthy aroma is best enjoyed chilled or on the rocks

  • Strawberry SMV +2 Fukushima 300ml

    • 18.00

    This bottle is made from nigori Sake and strawberry juice. Mildness and creaminess from nigori sakad and fresh sweet-sournesst from strawberry juice create a unique and luscious flavor

  • Hana Awaka SMV-60 California Junmai Sparkling 250ml

    • 16.00

    Ozeki Hana Awako (Sparkling Flower) is a refreshing, fizzy, low-alcohol sake. This light, pleasant bubbly sake

  • Satsuma Mara Satsuma Village Kagoshima 750ml

    • 54.00

     Honkaku Shoshu Satsuma Mura is made with black malt and exudes all the characteristics of such; full bodied, sweet and sharp. This is ancient sweet potato shochu recreated for the modern era

  • Mu Daiginjo SMV +1 Hyogo 300ml

    • 30.00

    Perfect balanced with fruitness and dryness. One of the best cold sake available

  • Kagatobi Junmai Ginjyo SMV +4 Ishikawa 300ml

    • 23.00

     Very smooth texture with luscious aroma of fruits and flowers. It has amellow flavor with a little sweetness and leaves a clean afterstate

  • Hatsumago “The First Grand Child” SMV +2 Yamagata 300ml

    • 23.00

    Smooth and complex taste with a crisp refreshing end

  • Aladdin Homare Junmai SMV +5 Fukushima 300ml

    • 21.00

    Elegant aroma unfolds with layers of fresh apple and melon. Complemented with a light and clean finish. This sake especially goes well with seafood dish

  • Bunraku Nihonjin No Wasuremono SMV +5 Saitama 300ml

    • 26.00

    Using active natural micro or ganisms such as lactic acid bacterium this Yamahai Junmai has been fermented and processed with a great deal of effort

  • Tenryo Koshu Imperial Landing Daijinyo 300ml

    • 33.00

    Drawing upon 350 years of sake-brewing histary, teryo's "Koshu" is brewed in the Hida district of the Gifu prefecture using Hidahomare rice. It features a mild but full-bodied flavor

  • Hana Kizakura Ginjo SMV-8 Nyogo 300ml

    • 16.00

    Light and smooth sake with sweet and fruity aroma such as melon. Lighter alcohol content of 11.5%

  • Jitsu Raku Tokubetsu Junmai SMC +2.5 Yamagata 300ml

    • 15.00

    Special selected grade "A" rice is used in this traditional brewing method. Freshness and rich tastemakes this sake very special

  • Sesshu Otokoyama SMV +7 Man

    • 21.00

    Sesshu Otokoyama is brewed in Itami, the birth place of sake. It is produced carefuly selected rice and water. It is pleasant and deliciously dry

  • Itami Onigoroshi SMV +7 Super Dry Ogre Tamer 300ml

    • 19.00

    Itami Onigoroshi is a refined sake from Itami, the historical birth place of sake with more than 450 years of brewing tradition, It is pleasant aromatic and ultra-dry

  • Ohyama Ginsuika Ginjyo SMV +3 Yamagata 500ml

    • 65.00

    One year of aging gives a silky, refreshing taste. It reminds floating flowers in the water

  • Kurosawa Kimoto SMV +2 Nagano 300ml

    • 22.00

    Tradition of sake, the kimoto brewin process is rare. Smooth and dry

  • Yaegaki Reishu Junmai SMV +5 California 300ml

    • 14.00

    Refreshing blue bottle represents the clear taste. Enjoy it chilled

  • Zen SMV +2 Iwater 300ml

    • 23.00

    The nanbu Toji brewmasters have traditionally plied their craft in the chill of winter. Their time-honored techniques impart a light, refreshing taste to this medium-dry sake made with Iwate's special Gin Otome brewing rice

  • Koyuki Decanter-Little Snow SMV +1 Hyogo 750ml

    • 25.00

     Very delicate. Perfect balanced, slightly dry taste. This refined sake is bottled in the historical birth place of Japanese sake with more than 450 years of brewing tradition. It is made from carefully selected rice and water

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